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Rebecca Berman meets the people of New York City in these special episodes with a surprise for them  in her cooler.

Special On-Location Episodes....

​"The Cooler with Rebecca Berman" Premiere

The premiere show filmed in New York City.  The guests were: Scott Feldman of Two 12 Media and Marketing and Rhina Valentin of Bronx Net TV.  The first episode's show sponsor was  It can be seen on my  You Tube channel.  Subscribe and click on this link.

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Rebecca Berman meets Chef Frank Bilotti from Hell's Kitchen Season 13 and Rob Carpenter Retired NFL Player for the Jets and Toni, the Owner of Rudy's Bakery and Cafe in Ridgewood, Queens.

Central Park, New York--Summer Edition

Times Square, New York

"What's In My Cooler?"  Special Edition of the Show Hits the Streets of New York City....

Another Day At Work On The Set........

"The Cooler with Rebecca Berman"

"The Cooler with Rebecca Berman"

This is a talk show hosted by Rebecca Berman: an on camera, lifestyle reporter with Westchester’s LMC-TV. With numerous years of experience working at MTV and VH1, Rebecca has decided to host her own show.  "The Cooler with Rebecca Berman" will feature celebrity guests and entertainers who will tell their story or promote upcoming projects and ventures through items in the cooler.

As each item brings a new talking point, the viewers and the guest will be anticipating what will be pulled from the cooler next.  Rebecca's show is the next big thing to bring celebrities and people together through laughter.