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TV Show Creator, Host, and Producer

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‚ÄčShow "The Cooler with Rebecca Berman"

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About Rebecca Berman

Who I AM

I am an on-camera lifestyle reporter, creator, producer, host, and blogger based in the NYC metropolitan area.

After graduating from American University with a BA in Communications, I worked as a production assistant with numerous celebrities and movie producers on projects such as Cocktail, Arthur on the Rocks, and Masquerade, just to name a few.

I spent a lot of my career working for broadcast giants MTV, VH1, Nick, where I produced elaborate events such as the VMAs, movie award parties, VH1 Awards post-parties.  I also worked behind the scenes planning launch parties for both MTV Asia and the first EMA show held in Berlin, Germany.

Using my creative personality and production skills, I landed a job as a lifestyle reporter on the local weekly news show, "The Local Live".  I continued to follow my passion, which led me to create and host a talk show called "The Cooler with Rebecca Berman."  The hook of the show is that I have a colossal cooler as my sidekick.

The on-camera broadcast is filmed weekly in New York City and on-location.  I am known to pull out unexpected items out of the cooler as it relates to my guest or sponsor.

I am living with my husband and three children and our dog Zipper in Westchester, NY.