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James McEvoy, a community advisor for Daily Voice's North Rockland site, appeared in an April episode of "The Cooler" with host, lifestyle reporter Rebecca Berman.

Rebecca Berman, food blogger, brings the best of food to the "Better Show"

Daily Voice North Rockland Community Advisor Appears On Local Talk Show


“Habitat Homes for Veterans", reported by Rebecca Berman & produced by Philippa Wharton

Chef Frank Bilotti

Rob Carpenter

Rebecca Berman Meets The Stars

Rebecca Berman Meets Chef Frank Bilotti from Hell's Kitchen Season 13 and Rob Carpenter Retired NFL Player for the Jets and Toni, the Owner of Rudy's Bakery and Cafe in Ridgewood, Queens

Rebecca Berman Nominated: LMCTV Announces Award Nominees

Hot off the Press

Better Show Segment

Me on TV -Talking Trendy Foods ” The Better Show”